Saturday, October 31, 2015

The tell-tale fingers

Early on Halloween morning I was sitting in bed reading when I heard the sound of heavy breathing. What foul beast could be crouching outside the bedroom door? I looked and saw--horror of horrors--fingers! Reaching under the door! Scrabbling as if searching--for what? At once a sound rang out, a high-pitched call that brought me suddenly to full alertness: "Grandma? Are you awake?"

(What did you think it was, werewolves? This is Ohio! We killed off the last werewolves decades ago.)

Yes, I'm spending Halloween weekend with my daughter and son-in-law, mostly because I needed to get away from the campus horrors that have been invading my sleep. There's nothing like following a two-year-old through a corn maze the help you find the joy and energy you've lost under a pile of student papers.

I brought some grading with me along with some reading for Monday's classes, but I'll put it aside this evening to help out with the candy distribution. My granddaughter will dress up as a horse. Won't that be scary? (Neigh!)

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