Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If I were writing the questions...

You found the course evaluation site! Hurray for you! At the end you will be prompted to print out a Certificate of Achievement! Now get to work:

How big a bribe did your professor offer you for completing these evaluations?
A. Bribe? What bribe?
B. Five points extra credit
C. Homemade cookies
D. She promised to give me a passing grade if I let another student complete my course evaluations for me

My professor's appearance
A. Distracts me from learning--doesn't he/she know plaid and stripes don't match?
B. Distracts me from learning--doesn't he/she know those clashing colors make him/her look really hot?
C. Is irrelevant to the quality of teaching.

My professor inspired me to
A. Get a few more hours of sleep every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
B. Put my cell phone down in class at least once a week
C. Read a few paragraphs of the textbook
D. Conduct further research on a topic I'd never thought of before
E. Change my major, change my career plans, change my life

The textbook for this class
A. Textbook? What textbook?
B. Made a sturdy coaster for my energy drinks
C. Cost way too much considering how little I used it
D. Cost way too much, but considering the long-term benefits of what I learned, it was worth every penny

I would encourage other students to
A. Take this class for an easy A
B. Take a different class because this one pushed me to perform beyond my abilities
C. Take this class because it pushed me to perform beyond my abilities

(Can't hurt to dream, can it?)

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Laura said...

I love this.