Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laughable links

This seems to be a time for complaining, for frustration with students and despair about the future and constant awareness of severe joint pain, so I surprised myself this morning by dissolving into laughter over something really inconsequential: a cashier who wished me a "good afternoon" at 9:30 a.m. Maybe she was approaching the end of her shift or maybe I was approaching the end of my ability to cope with the insanities of this meeting-heavy week, but we both had a good laugh before moving on to face whatever the morning/afternoon might bring our way.

Maybe what I'm suffering from this week is a dearth of laughter. And maybe I'm not the only one. And maybe this will help:

From McSweeney's, "Nihilistic Password Security Questions," including "On what street did you lose your childlike sense of wonder?"

From The Onion, "SAT Prep Tips," including "Take a minute to read over the question, take several additional minutes to panic, and then take another couple minutes to kick yourself for not doing any prep classes, while being sure to leave yourself enough time to fill in a convincing-looking pattern of bubbles."

From Fake Science, tips for surviving in the wild--including "Train a small bunny well, and you'll have a friend who will be very sad when that bear eats you."

Not funny but wondrously cheering: "Photographing the Microsopic" in The Atlantic--and if you've never seen a close-up of scales on a moth wing, you're in for a treat.

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