Monday, October 26, 2015

Gone Fishin'

One thing I can say about my fellow faculty members: when the Admissions office says "Let's go fishing," we say, "Toss me the bait and point me toward the boat." Which is why I'm setting off this afternoon on an expedition--fishing for students.

Faculty members have always been willing to meet with prospective students at odd hours or show up on weekends to man information booths about our majors. This year, though, we've been urged to join Admissions recruiters as they visit college fairs and high schools, helping them lure prospective students into our pool. The response has been encouraging, demonstrating that faculty members are willing to dive into unfamiliar waters for the good of the school.

Tomorrow morning I'll be visiting three high schools a few hours north of here along with an Admissions recruiter, which I'm sure will be an eye-opening experience. It may not be entirely coincidental that those schools are located near my daughter and son-in-law's house so that I can stay with them instead of incurring motel bills. And if I get to spend a little time with my adorable granddaughter, I'll just chalk it up as practice. I'm taking her a fishing game I made--a bunch of colorful little stuffed fishes she can "catch" with a tiny fishing pole baited with a magnet. This evening we'll be reeling in toy fishies by the bucketload. 

I only hope tomorrow's fishing expedition will be similarly successful. (Is someone planning to chum the waters?)

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