Saturday, March 24, 2007

A walk on the wild side

I took advantage of a break in the rain to walk around the property and see what's up. The answers are many and varied.

Fog shrouded the lower meadow and buzzards were circling above. A large raptor was calling from the top of the tallest sycamore, but it flew off before I could identify it. Probably a hawk. Bald eagles have made a remarkable comeback all over the river valley and I keep hoping to see some here, but so far no luck. I also failed to find any indigo buntings; I've seen them only once this season and I don't know whether they're nesting here or not. It's still early. They could pop up at any time.

Daffodils are up and blooming. No trilliums yet, but conditions are ripe so we'll surely see some soon. I don't know why I get so excited about seeing the first trillium--it's not as if someone is planning to give me a prize. Nevertheless I look forward to their return with undue excitement.

After two days of steady rain, the creek is way, way up and really loud. It's amazing the racket that tiny little creek can make--sounds like Niagara out there. The mud level on the hill is high, and the abundant deer tracks suggest that the deer are up and about but not hanging around in plain sight.

Finally, I'm up. This is the first time I've walked up the hill in at least a month, and I've missed it. It makes me feel good to get up early and go for a hike, and it should keep my spirits up all day long.

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