Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm getting too old for this

A student paper today informs me that "Technology has come a long way since the twentieth century." For instance, "In the twentieth century the radio and paper were the main ways to find out about the news going on in the world and also were used to catch your favorite team's ballgame. People kept in touch by using letters and also a phone call here and there. The twentieth century time period was very different to live in than in our society."

Ah yes, how I remember those thrilling days of yesteryear! Why, when I was in college, we pricked our fingers with sharp sticks and used the blood for ink! We wrote on rocks, of course, and when we ran out of rocks, we used fragments of satellites that had fallen out of the sky! We didn't know what they were, but we were grateful to those invisible sky deities for dropping these big chunks of writing material down on our heads!

Then, in the year 2001, everything changed. Suddenly, cellphones and computers were everywhere! Some of us have had a little trouble adjusting to these rapid changes; you still see a few slow ones occasionally pricking their fingers to write with blood on their flat-screen monitors. What Neanderthals. As usual, the young people are leading the way into the new millennium. In fact, I don't know how any of us ever managed to survive those primitive conditions. Thank heaven for the younger generation! They sure know what's what.


JM said...

Hey, at least it's slightly more specific than "There are similarities and differences between cats and dogs. Some things are similar, but others are different."

[i'm laughing and/or crying with you]

Laura said...

I think we're too YOUNG for this.

actually, in point of fact, everything changed in 1999, which is why nee Prince wrote his song that year to commemorate it. ;-)