Friday, February 08, 2008

Yes, we're all getting older

Funny thing at last night's candidate dinner: as soon as my colleague arrives at the restaurant, she hands me the departmental credit card and I stick it in my purse. The restaurant is noisy and crowded and I'm on the opposite side of the table from that colleague, so when she gets up and dashes out of the restaurant to go look for something she's misplaced, I'm pretty much in the dark. She comes back a bit agitated because she hasn't been able to locate the missing item, and when I ask for enlightenment, I hear her say, "I can't find my car."

"You can't find your car?" I ask. "How could you lose your car?"

She looks at me as if I am a raving lunatic. "Car-DUH," she says. "I can't find the department credit card."

"That because you gave it to me as soon as you came in the door," I remind her.

Yes, we're all getting older...some of us more rapidly than others.

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