Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lacking lunar energy

Rumor has it that the lunar eclipse was pretty impressive last night. I wouldn't know: anything that happens outdoors when the temperature is 3 degrees Farenheit is a mystery to me. Telescopes were set up on the college mall so students and others could stand out in the cold and look at the moon and stars; meanwhile, I huddled at home in layers of longjohns and sweaters, wool socks and slippers, trying to stay warm enough to concentrate on my reading.

The resident Clevelandman poked his head in the door. "You've got to see this!" he said. "It's amazing!"

"It's three degrees," I said. "Nothing is that amazing."

Which proves, I suppose, that cold-weather wimps miss out on some remarkable experiences. Frostbite, for instance. I've seen lunar eclipses before and they're not very effective at warming my feet, so this time I decided to keep my feet where they could be comfortable: beneath a nice, warm, cozy blanket.

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