Friday, February 22, 2008

Doing the candidate quick-step

Neither snow nor sleet nor dark of night can keep the candidates from coming to campus and running from breakfast to interview to campus tour to interview to lunch with students to interview interview interview to presentation to dinner with the search committee, and if this trial by fire is exhausting for the candidates, it's not much easier on the search committee.

We take our candidates to dinner at the best restaurant in town (where we can rarely afford to eat unless the provost picks up the bill), but soon we find ourselves sated with the town's best cuisine. "I'm tired of that same old ahi," said my colleague last week, so we changed things up and went to the Italian place instead. We enjoy meeting new people and spending time with our departmental colleagues, but eventually we get tired of asking the same questions and telling the same stories--and as soon as we finish up with one candidate, another looms one the horizon.

The good news is that we're almost done. When the moment of decision arrives, we'll say goodbye to all the ahi, the Bob Evans breakfasts, the presentations, interviews, campus tours, and candidates, and say hello to some new colleagues.

Whoever they are, I hope they stay awhile. No one wants to go through all this again!

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