Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Making an entrance

"I brought the offending alarm clock with me," said my student as he dashed into class, plunked the clock down on the desk in front of me, and stood there panting (from running across campus) and dripping (without an umbrella).

We'd started class 25 minutes earlier, but his alarm clock still claimed he had another hour free. "I knew no one would believe me if I said my alarm clock was wrong," he explained, "so I said, 'You're coming with me!'"

It's a small class and fairly informal so his entry wasn't terribly disruptive. At least he came to class, I told myself. In the same situation, I think I would have skipped class entirely, unwilling to draw attention to myself by walking in half an hour late.

My student, on the other hand, saw the situation as an opportunity for theater. When an otherwise reliable student takes center stage in his own entertaining spectacle--well, the only proper response is applause.

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