Friday, February 29, 2008

Recycled weather

One of our visiting job candidates asked whether we get much snow here. "We don't get a lot of snow," replied my colleague. "We just get the same two or three inches over and over."

We're getting that same snow again today and frankly, I am tired of it. Public schools all over the county keep having snow days and delays, so students and faculty have been scrambling to find appropriate care for their school-age children. No sooner does my driveway become driveable than we get another smattering of snow--just enough to make the roads slick and the sidewalks salty, but never enough to make us feel like bold adventurers triumphing over the elements.

Wouldn't it be better to get 18 inches of snow all at once instead of six three-inch snowfalls spread out over six weeks? In a real blizzard, no one would worry about trudging to campus, with or without children in tow; we could all stay home in front of the fireplace with cups of hot cocoa. A three-inch snowfall doesn't provide enough material for serious snow-fort building or snowball battles, but a real blizzard would inspire creative minds toward new heights of snow sculpture. And enduring a real blizzard would allow us to congratulate ourselves on our resourcefulness in facing nature's challenges.

Instead, we have another three inches on the way. Maybe this one will be the last. I certainly hope so, because the crocuses are coming up and I'm ready for spring.

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