Monday, April 16, 2007

What went wrong?

I spent my lunch hour at a local restaurant laughing and joking with colleagues and speculating about controversial issues on the agenda at this afternoon's faculty meeting, but then we came back to campus and saw the news from Virginia. No one is laughing now. Those faculty meeting agenda items that were so fascinating at lunch suddenly seem irrelevant.

Education ought to equip students to rely on reason rather than reaching for a gun. What went wrong?

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Joy said...

Analyzing the end of Huck Finn and debating over whether or not it was satisfying wasn't nearly as fun when I was looking around the classroom trying to determine if I could actually jump out the window if I had to.

John and Elizabeth Edwards sent out an email tonight that included this:

There is a Methodist hymn that gave us solace in such a moment as this, and we repeat its final verse here, in hopes it will help these families, as it helped us:

In our end is our beginning; in our time, infinity;
In our doubt there is believing, in our life, eternity,
In our death, a resurrection; at the last, a victory,
Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.