Sunday, April 29, 2007

Spring growth

Fog on the meadow this morning, making the spider-webs shine like beacons. The grosbeaks are still hanging around, so maybe they're here to stay. No sign of orioles yet, although last year's nest is still visible at the top of one of the tall sycamores by the creek. The woods are full of trilliums and mayapples--I've never seen so many mayapples, many growing in places where we've never seen them before. This afternoon I'll hunt for trout lilies. Growing conditions are excellent.

Which is not entirely a good thing. The grass, for instance, is growing entirely too quickly, and all this wet weather is making mowing impossible. My front lawn looks like an experiment in neglect: How tall will the grass grow if we just leave it alone? How far will the dandelions and creeping charlie spread? How much muscle will it take to push a reel mower through all that growth? Give me some sunshine and we'll find out.

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