Friday, April 06, 2007

Avoiding crucifixion, for now

It ought to be illegal to schedule meetings on Friday afternoons in spring, and to schedule three meetings in a row is just inhumane. The lunch meeting was not bad, but then I went to a two-hour faculty council meeting where it's a good thing it was my turn to take minutes because otherwise I would have had to put my head down on the table and start snoring.

Last came the Planning Committee meeting, where a colleague and I represented the English department for our quadrennial program review. Yes, every four years each department has to go before a committee to present a lengthy report justifying its continued existence, and this time it was our turn. I've been obsessing over this meeting since I turned in the report in January; I've even spent some time responding to potential questions in my sleep, just as I used to do while preparing for my dissertation defense. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but on a scale from 1 (a hearty pat on the back) to 10 (crucifixion), I would say we came out at about a 2. But we won't really know until the commitee releases its official report. Meanwhile, I intend to avoid all meetings for a good long while--at least until Monday. Then it starts all over again.

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