Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Trillium triumph

At long last, trilliums! They're blooming in abundance on the slope across the road, along with dozens of dutchman's breeches and a healthy (or unhealthy, I suppose) crop of beer bottles and MacDonald's bags. I've never understood the thought process that leads drivers to equate remote country roads with landfills, but the results are plain to see along our roadside. Next time I walk I'll carry a bag and pick things up, although I don't believe I'll be able to reach far enough out in the creek to get the huge bottle that once held Bloody Mary mix. If I knew who was responsible for dumping all that junk, I'd know where to deposit it, and soon we'd have a trash war raging all across the county. Lacking that essential piece of information, I think I'll just pick up the trash and enjoy the trilliums.

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