Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Z-Pack Saves the Day!

Back in the land of the living, thanks to the wonders of Z-Pack. I don't know what Z-Pack is, but at the moment it's keeping me off my back and that's what matters. Now if only I could get it to do some laundry and clean all the parts of the house that have failed to clean themselves while I've been flat on my back, I'd be happy.

I came out of the doctor's office with my arms liberally decorated with band-aids. It never fails: some chipper young person comes whistling into the room ready to take my blood and move on, but half an hour later she's utterly demoralized and I've got band-aids all over my arms. I don't know how many times blood-drawing persons have told me, "Don't worry, I always get it the first time." Ha! To make it worse, today the experienced blood-drawing person thought she would use me as a guinea pig to train a less experienced person. They finally managed to get some blood, but not without a struggle.

Sometime soon I'll need to take a look at my writing projects and the garden and the new computer that got delivered to my office last week and the pile of stuff on my desk, but not right now. Z-Pack can only do so much.

1 comment:

Joy said...

The Z-Pack is a heavy duty dose of anti-biotics.

I'm sorry that your arms are full of holes right now - but very happy to know that you have been seen by a medical professional (less-experienced blood-drawing person notwithstanding) and have received treatment.

Rest up - that Z-Pack takes a lot out of a person. Take care!