Monday, July 23, 2007

Fever dreams

Spent most of the weekend fighting a high fever that resulted in intensely vivid hallucinations involving malevolent zucchinis, thousands and thusands of 'em. (When I was a child, a fever would inevitably be accompanied by dreams in which I was menaced by various geometric shapes, but now I've moved on to zucchinis. I can't explain it.) Finding a doctor on a weekend around here is a herculean task that I was not quite up to with a temperature of 102, so I've been looking forward to Monday: finally I'll get to see a doctor and find out what's eating me.

Except now I feel fine. No fever at all, just a little back pain and a lingering headache. The zucchini dreams have gone as well. Whatever it was, I hope it's over.


Joy said...

High fever that results in backache and a headache? I'd get myself to the Dr. ASAP - they could be symptoms of menengitis (and with your exposure to college students...).

Then again it could be aches and pains from your endless battles with the garden fare over the weekend, too.

Laura said...

I hope you continue to feel better. But I agree with doesn't hurt to get it checked out. Besides, we wouldn't want anything to happen to you. :-)