Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Tattoo or not tattoo?

By the time I stumbled off the plane back home, I had been wearing the same clothes for more than 24 hours while trying to sleep or trying to stay awake, neither very successfully, in various airplanes and terminals, and I felt as if I'd just oozed out from under a pile of slime, so naturally the first person I saw when I got off the airplane was our college president looking cool and professional and rested.

She asked about the conference and I said, "It was great! We worked really well as a team except that we had a little trouble agreeing on the team tattoos, and one of us had to convince airport security that he wasn't a terrorist or a hijacker despite the fact that he was carrying a knife and a camp stove and a tent, and the team leader drove on the sidewalk once, and we ate a lot of seafood and rocked at Team Haiku."

She raised her eyebrows and said, "Tattoos?"

Okay, so we didn't get team tattoos--but all the rest of it is true.


Joy said...

Okay - it's time to reveal "The Team" - curious minds need to know!

Bev said...

So demanding! I'd rather not blow anyone's cover, but I'm willing to provide clues:

The Team Leader, Head Chauffeur, and Dorm Mother has experience directing people to become miracle workers.

The Suspected Terrorist teaches in the biology department and earned the nickname "D.B. Cooper," which shares two of his initials.

The Queen of Hair Products knows just how much river is in the fish.

The Oyster-Loving Whisper-Woman Mimic teaches in the communications department and is an expert on Italian cuisine.

The Happiest Person On the Planet shares a suite in a residence hall with his equally happy dachsund, Oscar.

The Night-Screaming, Inappropriate-Comment-Spouting, Directionally Challenged Consumer of Salmon...that would be me.

Joy said...

You know - THIS would be a fun game for the Marcolian!

The Queen of Hair Products?! While I admit her hair always does look quite lovely, but at its length, are multiple necessary? And if not, exactly how did she earn the title?

I think that you should make these their official names for class scheduled next semester :)