Thursday, July 12, 2007

Midsummer madness

The summer is half over, so it's time for an update on my summer academic goals (read 'em here):

I have hired two full-time people for fall (Goal 1) and written an orientation booklet to help them make the transition to our department. I have written and delivered a paper at the ASLE conference (Goal 2) and attended the learning communities conference in Olympia (Goal 9). I have written the capstone syllabus (Goal 6) and written big chunks of the syllabi for composition and postcolonial lit (Goal 7, half done). I have finished all but the final polish on the Atlanta essay (Goal 3, almost done). I have made some progress on the research for the major article (Goal 4), but there's still quite a lot to do.

That leaves small chunks of two goals (3, 7) and a huge chunk of Goal 4, and I haven't even touched Goals 5, 8, and 10. As usual, I have completed the smaller and easier tasks first, leaving the more challenging ones for the end. Now the pressure's on: will I finish the major article before the assessment report deadline arrives? Will I locate a copy of Horton Hears a Who in time to double-check a fact for the Atlanta essay before the semester begins? Will I find a way to chop down the reading list for postcolonial lit to make it fit the confines of a 15-week semester?

One thing's for certain: I'll never get any of it done if I sit here babbling.

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