Sunday, March 08, 2015

Spring is breaking out all over

A sure sign of a change in the weather: water flowing every which way on the interstate as the piles of plowed snow melt in the sun. On Friday morning I drove carefully on treacherous roads still covered with snow, but today snowmen all over Ohio are bowing to their fate.

Even the swastika snowman is melting. What kind of person erects an immense snowman right next to the highway, sticks a snow-coated traffic cone on top to mimic a Klan robe, and then forms a dark swastika right on its belly? The swastika didn't last more than a few hours before it got scraped off one morning last week, but now the entire creature is succumbing to the elements.

Meanwhile, my driveway seeks to transform itself into a mudpit before the snow is even half melted. Last week we were snowed in, but this week we could be mudded in. Time to call the gravel guy!

Spring is coming just in time for spring break. I've just turned in midterm grades so I can devote the next three days to writing the anthology essay, after which I'll start prepping next week's classes and do some work on my art history project. But what I really look forward to is putting away the long-johns, stashing my snow-boots in the closet, and getting out into the sun for some real walks. (Provided that I don't get stuck in the mud.)

If you don't hear from me by Friday, send in the Saint Bernards.

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