Wednesday, March 04, 2015

All set for a snow day

Something apocalyptic this way comes, weather-wise: Rain! Floods! Ice! Snow! Warning warning warning! As if to confirm the dire predictions, on my drive home I saw flooded fields, a muddy landslip closing one lane of the highway, a mass of ice chunks piling up at the end of our creek, the creek covering our neighbor's bridge, and water edging ever closer to our road. Falling temperatures are supposed to turn all that water to ice and snow tonight, possibly closing roads and schools.

But I'm prepared. I've just finished putting a pot of potato soup to simmer on the stove and we have a fully stocked refrigerator when the soup runs out. Better yet, I brought home my college laptop computer, so I'm fully equipped to administer two midterm essay exams electronically even if I can't get to campus tomorrow. I have everything I need to get through the next couple of days, provided that the power doesn't go out.

(Couldn't happen again, right? So soon? I refuse to think about it.)  

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