Thursday, March 19, 2015

A little Q&A

Because people keep asking:

Do you intend to apply for the provost's position?
Absolutely not. From what I've observed, it appears that provosts spend a lot of their time doing two things I absolutely hate: listening to complaints and talking on the phone. Frankly, I'd rather be teaching.

Do you want to be elected to Faculty Council?
To me, serving on Faculty Council is like going to the dentist: wanting doesn't enter into the discussion, but I'll do it if necessary for the good of the institution.

How do you feel about proposed cuts to academic programs?
Angry. Appalled. Aggrieved. Agitated. Annoyed. And those are just the A words.

Any ideas for trimming the college's budget?
Any cuts must start at the top with administrative salaries. While I realize that taking a voluntary pay cut would be a purely symbolic gesture, symbols matter. Those of us struggling in the trenches would appreciate knowing that we're not alone.

That is all. Now let's get back to work.


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