Monday, March 16, 2015

Short sleeves short-circuit thinking

This morning I saw a remarkable sight on campus: people sitting--outside!--on benches!--in short sleeves! (No, the benches don't have short sleeves....)

I was out there on a bench with a book, drinking tea. (No, the bench didn't have a book and the book wasn't drinking tea....)

Here's what I wasn't wearing: boots, long johns, turtleneck sweater, wool socks, coat, hat, gloves, earmuffs. I felt light as a feather, watching all those smiling faces walking past. (No, the feather wasn't watching faces walking....)

The sunshine seems to have addled my brain. Do I care? No, I do not. I'll take an addled brain with short sleeves and sunshine. (Yes, my brain is wearing short sleeves. Why the heck not?)    

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