Friday, June 27, 2014

Flunking in the clutch

I see in the news (here) that three aspiring carjackers in Seattle were thwarted by a lack of education. They earned an A+ in proper carjacking attire (hoodies) and selection of victim (70-year-old lady), but they must have skipped Carjacking 101 the day they covered How to Drive a Manual Transmission. That's right: the three youthful hooligans piled into a manual transmission car but couldn't figure out what to do with that extra pedal left of the brake.

70-year-old ladies 1, youthful hooligans 0.

Next time I'm feeling inadequate as a parent, I'll remind myself that despite my failings, I equipped my children with the skills they'll need should they ever decide to take up a life of crime. It wasn't easy teaching them to find that sweet spot where the clutch engages without bucking or stalling, but now I know it was worth it. If they ever approach a 70-year-old woman intent on stealing her car, at least they'll be able to make a clean getaway. 


jo(e) said...

And you also need to teach them to hotwire the car so that the old lady can't witness the whole thing and laugh in their faces.

Bev said...

You know, my favorite part of this story is imagining the old lady laughing in the faces of the miscreants.