Thursday, June 26, 2014

Invasion of the Academic Publishing Monkeys

I've reached the point in my writing project when I'm forced to face certain annoying questions:

Which would be worse, cutting 1000 words or transforming the entire manuscript from MLA to Chicago style?

Would I rather submit to a smaller publication with a good chance of acceptance but poor editing, or take the risk on a more exclusive publication with better editing?

Submit to a journal that has published me before or stretch out into new territory?

Which would be worse: waiting six weeks for a rejection or two years for a revise-and-resubmit?

And how can I keep writing with these unanswered questions jumping up and down on my back like playful monkeys? I swat them down but they pop right back up again to pester me and laugh at my paralysis. I'm tempted to hand the whole writing process over to them, but how many monkeys and how many typewriters would it take to produce a masterpiece? 

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