Friday, June 20, 2014

Writing in public (and researching too)

I just finished the last bit of research for a 30-page essay while sitting in a booth at McDonald's. It was pretty minor research--locate the publication info on some academic articles for which I neglected to take sufficient notes--but still, I'm in McDonald's! I'm old enough to remember hours spent in academic libraries leafing through volume after bricklike volume of the print edition of the MLA International Bibliography, something you couldn't begin to accomplish while eating a sloppy lunch. That's pretty exciting.

Here's what's even more exciting: I have finally finished the essay that arose out of my sabbatical research. My sabbatical, for those who haven't been paying attention, was in spring of 2012. Two years is way too long to spend on a single essay, but I've been busy. I need to clear the decks to prepare for the next big project, an essay I've been invited to write for an anthology on Southern gothic literature, so it was high time to finally finish off the sabbatical project. Put a fork in it and call it done!

Except maybe not a plastic fork. How do I get greasy fork tines out of my keyboard?

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