Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday poetry challenge: by the numbers

My long, empty afternoons this week left me feeling as if my talents were being underutilized, but not today! I've just collected my first round of drafts in the Postcolonial Lit class, so I'll have my hands full this weekend: 

20 Lit drafts needing feedback, 
4 class preps (no two the same), 
2 vans full of rowdy students
traveling to a football game.

30 cucumbers in the kitchen
(or maybe more--I didn't count)
plus okra, squash, ripe red tomatoes
piling up in huge amounts.

2 church services on Sunday,
too few hours to sleep (boo-hoo!).
That's my weekend in a nutshell
by the numbers. How 'bout you?

Yes, it's time for the Friday Poetry Challenge to return from its long sabbatical! Leave a comment putting a number on your weekend tasks and making it into some sort of poetry. Who cares if it's good as long as it's fun?


Anonymous said...

Grumpy the Drain Man
on Saturday came to call;
cross that one off the list man,
teach those leaves not to fall.


Bev said...

Great! You need to send Grumpy my way before innumerable leaves start falling.