Sunday, August 10, 2014

So that's where dance crazes come from!

A little while ago when I walked straight into a spider web at mouth level, I didn't fuss or squawk but simply accepted it as my due, cosmic payback for my unsympathetic response to the little dance my husband performed this morning after we got home from church. He's normally not a dancing person thanks to severe congenital rhythm impairment, but when a bee started buzzing around inside the pants of his most dignified preaching suit, he started busting out some pretty impressive moves.

He did get stung--on the leg--but fortunately, he's not allergic. He will live to dance another day. Maybe he'll inspire a new dance craze! If hordes of young people all over the planet suddenly start jerking spastically to the Bees-In-My-Pants Dance, you'll know who started it.

I won't be doing the dance (I hope!) but I found three black swallowtail butterflies dancing around the butterfly weed in our upper meadow. That's more butterflies than I've seen in one place all summer long, and they were definitely worth a face full of spider web. 

I didn't see the spider. Absent or hiding? And what would the Spider-In-My-Pants Dance look like? 

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