Monday, August 25, 2014

Hup, two, three, four, bring your pencils in the door!

Fall classes start in an hour and I am ready! In fact I've been ready for a week but had to wait for students to actually arrive. I'm never very good at waiting, which is why I spent last week saying Yes to everyone who asked me to do anything, including spending four hours one rainy morning helping incoming freshpersons unload their baggage in front of their dorm. (And let me just say this: if it takes four vehicles to tote all your baggage, you packed too much.)

I didn't want to spend the weekend obsessing over my classes, so I drove north (without my laptop!) to get some grandchild therapy. At one point my adorable granddaughter sat in my lap pointing at a picture of Humpty Dumpty and saying "Hup-hup," and I wanted to give her an A+. She's doing her homework, practicing new skills, and coming back later to build on those skills--just what I like to see in my students.

We'll see how well my students do today. I make them all write on the first day of class and I expect to see something significantly more sophisticated than "Hup-hup." I'll take them where they are and hope to move them to the next level by the end of the semester, but to make that happen, we have to start work right now. 

Am I ready? You bet! But let's hope they are too.   


Laura said...

E said wa-wa today!

Bev said...

One of these days she'll say "Grandma." That's what I'm waiting for.