Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Open letter to a former student

You threw some words out there--balance, honest living, career paths, extraordinary relationships, and birds--and asked for feedback, thoughts, advice. Big words they are, but I'm not Yoda so guide you I cannot. All I can do is play with words:

Birds balance on a phone line living as honestly as they can, guided by instinct alone (we assume) and never taking a moment to worry about career paths. Extraordinary relationships are hard to balance with career paths because you need to work hard to maintain both or they will fly far away, like birds living honestly. Honestly, living is a journey so circuitous that the path becomes clear only when your feet are so worn out from walking and your heart from pursuing extraordinary relationships that you wish you could fly like a bird to someplace more simple but life isn't, anywhere, simple or balanced. We just do our best. That's life!

Does that help?


Kyle Park said...

Bev, I think your answer to Kelly was perfect. You said it as well as an outstanding English professor could have with a bit of "mom" thrown in. Thank you for all the wisdom you have shared with my beautiful young daughter.

Bev said...

Thanks! I'm so blessed to have such terrific students in my life!