Thursday, August 23, 2012

There ought to be a prize

...for attending six meetings in 48 hours without succumbing to a mad urge to stuff pastries down the throat of the next person who announces that we need to appoint a new task force to study a problem we've studied numerous times before.

...for locating a clean, usable photocopy of a single article I haven't used in six years deep in a file drawer so full I needed a backhoe to dig it out.

...for getting all my syllabi done, all my materials uploaded to Moodle, and all my first-day-of-class lesson plans written out while many of my students haven't even started packing their bags to return to campus.

For all this, there ought to be a prize, but there isn't--unless the promise of a stress-free Friday counts. 


Anonymous said...

Written lesson plans?

I do so love the way I have to prove I'm not a robot by recognizing the number signs on French houses. Maybe I should also have to prove that I'm not a foreigner who might have francophile tendencies.


Bev said...

Aww, be nice to the robots! Robots are people too!