Friday, August 10, 2012

More holes in the security blanket

This morning's Columbus Dispatch reports that three men have been charged with selling fake training certificates to allow 613 people to get permits to carry concealed guns. " 'You don't see these (cases) too often,' " said Franklin County Sheriff Zach Scott, but somehow I don't find that too comforting.

On the bright side, the 613 fake certificates are just a tiny proportion of the 18,294 concealed-carry permits issued in Franklin County since 2004, and what are the odds that you, personally, will run into one of those 613 untrained gun-carriers? 

I don't know what I find more alarming: the fact that more than 18,000 people in Columbus, Ohio find it necessary to carry concealed guns or the fact that one of the miscreants charged in the scam is a security officer for the Franklin County Court. Would you trust your personal security to someone willing to sell a fake gun-training certificate for $200?

If the people charged with protecting us can't be trusted to uphold the law, no wonder so many people feel the need to protect themselves by carrying guns.

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Bardiac said...

You also have to wonder about the people willing to spend money to get a fake certificate. Was the real class just way too hard? Don't think you could possibly learn anything about gun safety? Don't want to give your money to "the man" so you give it to a different man?