Friday, August 24, 2012

Bulletin bored

I've been in a crabby, cranky, cynical mood all day, ever since a cavalcade of pickup trucks went speeding past me during my morning walk on a gravel road, kicking up a dust cloud that seems to be following me wherever I go. It's time to spray some Cloud-B-Gon to clear the air, so let's write some poetry!

Colored paper, printed words,
Thumbtacks, staples, scissors:
time to decorate bulletin boards!
Mine's finished!  How's yours?

Okay, that's pretty pathetic. I'm clearly out of practice. But it's true: I didn't realize when I moved offices that I would have not one but TWO bulletin boards to decorate, and that makes me really happy. My bulletin boards tend to be colorful and eclectic and maybe a little sloppy, with many lines verging from the perpendicular to varying degrees. Over in the Education building they dangle a weighted line from a thumbtack to keep lines straight on their perfectly balanced bulletin boards, but they're getting a grade. I'm just posting stuff that interests me and hoping someone occasionally takes a look. 

The little board outside my office offers some helpful information (office hours, class schedule, how to contact the former resident of my office) plus some poetry and a mess of funny cartoons, while the larger one down the hall is called "Recommended Reading" and features photos of books recommended by faculty plus little blurbs about why they're good. Colorful. Eclectic. Interesting. Sometimes a little silly. I'd give my bulletin boards a solid B+, although the Education folks might quibble.

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