Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who broke the Internet?

I didn't do it! I don't even know what "it" is, but our Internet service has been glitchy ever since the big storm (which was June 29--so, nearly a month ago already!) but this week it's been pretty reliable. 

Or so I thought.

I don't know why Blogger keeps having trouble saving and publishing my posts, why it saved seven different copies of the same post, or why a post I wrote on Monday didn't appear until Friday. Some days it's so hard to stay connected that I give up trying to post, or I wait until I can go somewhere with more reliable service. (Like Stoked, where I am right now. I'm stoked for Stoked! Great vanilla latte plus great wireless internet!)

Once school starts I'll be able to rely on the campus wireless service, but meanwhile, I'm just trying to live with the glitches. I can do this! I survived childbirth, grad school, chemotherapy, radiation, and being faculty chair, so I ought to be able to deal with the occasional technological snafu.

But if you don't hear from me for a while, just assume that I'm dodging glitches right and left and I'll get back to you when I've cleared the air.



jo(e) said...

Blogger has been weird lately. It's not just you.

Anonymous said...

Could you pitch to a literary agent, "Glitch Dodging for Beginners"?

Also, "How to Prove You're Not a Robot."