Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Powering up

Everyone keeps saying "I'll never again take water and electricity for granted!" But you know we will. The very reliability of our utilities makes them fade into the background of our lives, utterly unnoticed except when they stop functioning.

Word came last night that the power and water have been restored back home but the phone lines are still down (and when you live in a place with no cell-phone coverage, landlines matter). As the power comes back on, other problems are cropping up: fridges are full of rotten food and friends have found appliances fried or spewing water all over the room. I haven't heard yet about conditions at my house and I won't know the whole story until I return, probably late Wednesday or early Thursday. 

First we'll celebrate the Fourth by hearing the Cleveland symphony and seeing a Cleveland Indians game with family. It seems a little frivolous to be gallivanting about while disaster recovery is still going on, but we had the tickets long before the storm hit and why waste them? Besides, a little frivolity might be just what we need before we get back to the business of taking our utilities for granted.

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Quackademic said...

Hmm. I wonder who had water spewing all over? :-) And who does not (knock on wood) anymore, thanks to the brilliant work of someone you married.