Friday, July 20, 2012

Calling all mascots!

Last time I asked for a monster--and my, what great monsters you've given me! Now I need a mascot.

For my team, of course. This fall I'm not exactly team-teaching but I'm teaching a class linked in a learning community with two others, and we want to give our teaching team a name.

The "team" concept is important because this learning community includes my Sports Literature class linked with a basic writing class and a one-hour college skills lab. Given the topic, chances are good that we'll have a room full of jocks (mostly male--the class roster currently includes only one recognizably female name). Our three classes will work hard to engage students in serious academic work and equip them with the skills they'll need to succeed in college, so the three of us teaching in this learning community want to give our team a name.

But what name? Someone suggested "The Three Muske-Teachers," which is cute but sidesteps the emphasis on sports. Or we could be "The A-Team," with A standing for Academics, but no one's volunteering to be Mr. T. An inveterate punster pointed out that since we'll be offering essential support to athletes, we could call ourselves "The Jock-Straps." (Can't you just see the team T-shirts? Wait, maybe not.)

We're meeting Monday to brainstorm on many topics, including an appropriate name for our teaching team. Mr. T is definitely not invited--but you are. Nominate a team name and mascot and if our team selects your suggestion, I'll send you a prize. I can't say what yet but it's bound to be something very supportive, athletically speaking.

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