Thursday, February 19, 2009

The hovering blur

Yesterday for the first time I was able to follow the professor's instructions in a Photoshop exercise, and it felt really good. My problems are not the professor's fault: Photoshop is entirely new to me and I haven't spent enough time playing with it to have an innate sense for where things are. But the other problem is more personal: when we're looking at what the professor is doing on the big screen up front and then look back at our little monitors to try to do the same thing, my eyes simply cannot make the adjustment in focus quickly enough, so I end up missing the next step while I'm waiting for my vision to un-blur.

Yesterday, though, it all came together: I knew where to find things on the menu bar, how to locate the appropriate tool, how to undo a disastrous choice. I still can't switch between small screen and big screen without feeling as if my eyes are popping out of their sockets in protest, but I compensate by listening closely and rarely looking at the big screen. Photoshop is pretty cool now that I'm getting the hang of it; it's teaching me that I can't always trust what my eyes are telling me, particularly when it comes to color and composition.

Neither can I trust my eyes to keep functioning properly without the occasional eye exam. Spring Break is hovering like a blur on the horizon, but after my Spring Break eye exam I hope to start seeing things much more clearly.

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Joy said...

Don't do the eye exam!!! I did it last Friday and have discovered that I'm blind as a bat. I've lived in bliss not knowing that normal humans can see something halfway across the room for some time now.