Sunday, July 20, 2008

They're here!

This afternoon, to reward myself for thrashing through the rough spot in my writing project, I spent some quality time with my husband in the garden. We pulled weeds among the corn stalks, which are at a very cute stage right now, with tiny doll-sized ears of corn just beginning to develop. Then we worked on the dill, which is all green and feathery and emits an indescribably wonderful aroma, before paying a short visit to the strange-veggie plot, where the kohlrabi bulbs look like little space invaders that landed amongst the eggplants--and the eggplants are just gorgeous, tiny glossy purple blobs still too small to pick but lovely to look at. A few hot peppers are ready for picking, and a whole lot of green and yellow ones are on the way.

I just picked zucchini and cucumbers yesterday, but we'll have to harvest a bundle of them tomorrow morning before they grow big enough to double as baseball bats. Best of all, though, first thing tomorrow we'll pick the first tomatoes of the season. Yes, they're finally here! But the first ones won't stick around for long.

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