Saturday, July 26, 2008

It followed me home--can I keep it?

I started my long walk yesterday with one friend and ended it with two. A former student came to walk the loop with me, which made the walk pass quite pleasantly, and along the way we were joined by a dog. The friend went home, but the dog seems to be sticking around.

She's a medium-sized black dog, maybe a lab, with no collar or identification. My husband keeps referring to the dog as "he" even though she has obviously been nursing a litter fairly recently, which raises the question: where are the puppies? She needs a bath and she has several engorged ticks on her back, but other than that, she looks pretty healthy. If I were in the market for a dog, she's just the kind of dog I would want: friendly, quiet, non-demanding.

Yesterday she spent some time on our back deck looking in the glass door. She doesn't scratch or growl or bark or beg; she just sits there looking hopeful, and if anyone pays any attention to her, she wags her tail. This morning she was out in the front yard while the resident bread-baker was loading 150 loaves of homemade bread into the van, and even though the front door was hanging open for a good 10 minutes, the dog didn't even try to come inside.

The first peep I heard out of her happened when we drove away: she barked and tried to follow and then gave up. She's probably still there, hanging around the house and hoping for a handout. We haven't fed her or given any other indication that we intend to care for her, but she remains hopeful.

I really don't want a dog right now, you know? But if I wanted a dog, this is the dog I would want.

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Joy said...

I can't believe she's still there! Well, I guess I can given the kindness that oozes from that lovely home on the hill : )

As for keeping her, sometimes creatures enter our lives for a reason. Her's is probably to get those dang ticks off of her back and a hot meal, but...: )