Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Local horrors

The front page of today's paper features a photo of a girl who was in my daughter's high school graduating class. It was a small class, about 50 students, but I don't recognize the girl at all, possibly because it's a bad photo, the type of mug shot used to illustrate an article about the horrors of domestic violence: her eyes are red and puffy and her expression is full of defeat.

And now she is dead. Yesterday her boyfriend strangled her with his belt, violently ending a stormy relationship. At 21, she leaves behind two small children who were not living with her at the time, although the newspaper does not explain where they are or why.

The boyfriend is in custody now, having been turned over to the police by his parents. Which is worse: to be the parents calling the police to say "My son just murdered his girlfriend" or to be the parents receiving the news that their daughter has just been murdered?

I'm grateful today that I don't have to be either one.

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