Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ready to commence

I'm sitting in my office waiting for Commencement to commence, but I've got quite a wait ahead of me. I'll go to the President's brunch at 10:30 and to the faculty marshals' meeting at 11:30, but that gives me more than two hours to sit here and watch paint dry. Or nail polish, to be specific. I haven't done my nails since classes ended because I've been spending a lot of time planting things and pulling weeds, activities not consistent with nice fingernails. So the first thing I did when I got to the office was to apply a few coats of polish. Now I sit and wait.

Why did I come here at 7:30 a.m. if my first meeting is at 10:30? Because I refuse to drive my husband's car, particularly while I'm dressed in Commencement-worthy attire and lacking a cell phone. Why don't I use my husband's cell phone? Because as close as we can determine, it's hiding amongst the tall weeds in the upper meadow somewhere and it doesn't come running when we call. I can just see myself getting stranded (again) by the car that hates me and having to march down the side of the highway in my Commencement dress and nice new shoes. Not happening. Nope.

And of course I couldn't drive my van because the husband needed it to get all his stuff to the Farmers' Market. His booth has been shut down for two weeks because he was sick, but today he's ready to rejoin the real world, and he needs my van to accomplish that. So the only way for me to get to campus today was to hitch a ride with him at the crack of dawn.

Which I did.

So here I sit.

Watching paint dry.

I just hope Commencement is interesting enough to make it worth the effort!

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