Monday, May 26, 2008

Plugged in

The chief disadvantage of using a laptop computer on one's lap is that the computer marks my legs so that they look like molded electronic components, as if my lap has become an extension of my technology (although I'm not sure whether the computer is plugged into me or I'm plugged into the computer).

This morning I took my laptop out on the deck to tackle my summer writing project while surrounded by the joys of spring. Bees buzzed me and birds squawked, and at one point a chipmunk came close to cast a curious eye in my direction, but none of this distracted me from the task at hand.

I've noticed that when I grade papers out on the deck, my students seem to be better writers. I hope the deck's magical power to un-muddle prose works in my favor as well, making this complex writing project come together with insight and elegance. For that, I am willing to suffer a few marks on my knees.

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