Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Charlie the creep

If Creeping Charlie were a cash crop, we'd be rolling in clover. I have pulled armloads of it out of the yard, the flower garden, the herb garden, the blueberry patch, the strawberry patch, the raspberry patch, the asparagus patch, and any number of other patches around the property. It does not surprise me to learn that the pernicious pest is related to the highly invasive mint family or that it was initially introduced to the U.S. intentionally as a ground cover that grows well in moisty, shady areas. As long as we have moisture and shade in abundance, Charlie will come Creeping in...and I'll go creeping through the garden to pull it out.

This morning I went creeping through the asparagus patch, which is producing just enough asparagus for a side dish once or twice a week, and the strawberry patch, which is full of small, hard, white berries. When they all turn red, we'll have heaven on earth: there's just nothing better than fresh strawberries straight from the garden. Corn and okra are sprouting and the radishes are well on the way, but the garden has been too wet and cool for putting in tomatoes, peppers, and other plants. Ideally, we'll have tomatoes just about the time when the tomato sauce from last year's garden runs out....but first we need some sunshine.

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