Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ah, that fresh country air!

Today my husband is hosting a group of area pastors at our house, allowing them an opportunity to relax after the exhausting Easter season. Coincidentally, our normally quiet country road has suddenly become a locus of loudness and stink.

Some neighbors up the way have been having trees cut on their hilltop, and for the last few days, trucks pulling large loads of hardwood logs have been barreling along our road, which is just wide enough for two cars to pass and has no real shoulder, so driving is a challenge. And then yesterday the county road crew decided that it was time to send out the heavy equipment to clear debris out of the drainage ditches along the road, creating yet another obstacle to navigation along with a great deal of noise and bother.

To top it all off, yesterday our neighbors decided it was time to top-dress the fields surrounding our property, so out came the manure-spreaders.

Ah, that fresh country air!

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