Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slick brick

The view from my office this morning is amazing: big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky to coat every surface with a layer of white. It's a good thing I like the view because I'll be stuck here a while. I left the house before the snow started and therefore did not think to take the car that remains maneuverable in snow. Instead, I drove my van, and I was fortunate enough to arrive in town and get it parked just as the brick streets were getting covered with snow--but if I hadn't managed to parallel park in that spot, I would have had to just walk away and leave the car in the middle of the road because it doesn't really go anywhere on slick, snowy brick. Or actually, it goes somewhere, but not where it ought to go, and sometimes it wants to go everywhere at once, which is not the textbook way to negotiate a busy street. So I'm staying put.

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