Saturday, August 25, 2007

While you were out....

Go away for a few days and what happens?

Well, um, nothing much. I stopped by my office today to see if there were any frantic messages on my phone or in my box, but no. Everything seems to have run smoothly while I was gone. Great. There's nothing like feeling needed!

Well, okay, a few things happened while I was out. One of my colleagues had a beautiful baby girl. Another one sent me a proposal for a grant from a committee of which I am no longer chair. The garden produced many many hot peppers of various types. The heat element in the oven shorted out, producing a lovely sparkly show before dying completely. A big pile of mulch appeared. Progress was made on the library. Committees were appointed. Life goes on.

I ought to have just enough time to deal with some of those hot peppers before classes start on Monday. It's the calm before the let's spice it up a little. Salsa, anyone?


joy said...

Slice up some chicken sausages and cook in a frying pan. Remove from pan. Slice up the hot pepper (banana) and some potatoes and add to the pan with enough oil to ensure proper crispness in the potatoes. Cook until golden, turning often to avoid the dreaded blackened potato, add sausage and cook for a few more minutes - serve. Yummy!

I also like to stuff hotpappers with a cream cheese/cheddar chees mixture, bread and deep fry.

Admittedly NOT low-cal dishes. But really good.

Jessica said...

Who had a baby???

Bev said...

There's been a regular baby boom on campus: Katy in history had a little boy named Hal and Jen in psych had a little girl named Chloe, both cute as buttons. Mothers and babies are doing fine.