Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sweat happens

The good news is that the first 700 miles of our car trip were accomplished in air-conditioned comfort. Those last 300 miles, though, were pretty miserable: triple-digit temperatures, no air conditioning, open windows rattling every time a truck zipped past. But at least we were still moving! One of these days that car's going to collapse in a heap and refuse to go on, and then it won't matter whether the air conditioning works or not.

We've been in Texas under 24 hours and the kid is all moved into to his dorm. He really didn't need much help from me, so I'm enjoying the cool air and internet access in the library.
Tonight we have an indoor picnic and the opening convocation, and early tomorrow I fly back home. I'll let the kid deal with the ailing car. After a few days in this weather, he ought to be highly motivated to find a mechanic.

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Laura said...

Thank God you don't have to drive back home! I was so glad when I read that you were flying back.

Have a safe trip!

Oh, and if there's an extra loaf of Plain Good hanging around, we'd be glad to take it off your hands. :-)