Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Man shall not live by words alone

Yesterday I got so caught up in writing that I forgot to eat. This is good news because it means the synapses are snapping, the words are flowing, the ideas are coming together, but it's also bad news because by the time I noticed how hungry I was, I felt faint. A tuna sandwich satisfied my body and the pile of finished pages satisfied my spirit.

It used to be that I didn't like the actual process of writing. I looked forward to the finished product, but putting words on the page was just an obstacle I had to get over to reach the desired goal. These days, though, I get a buzz out of writing. Of course it's a tremendous luxury to be able to write all morning long without worrying about class preps or grading or committee meetings, but it all ends next week when my campus responsibilities start revving up again. But I'm teaching only three classes this semester and I'm no longer on Faculty Council: will I be able to keep some momentum going on my writing projects?

I hope so, because I think I'm addicted.

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