Monday, August 06, 2007

Trying not to be tedious

Rate Your Students posted an interesting comment on academic blogs from a reader who insists that "most academic blogs are tedious" because they're written by "the people you purposely avoid in the hallway." (I don't know if I can comment on "most academic blogs" because I haven't read that many of 'em, but the ones I read regularly feature writers I'd be happy to see in the office up the hall. I will note, however, that I hate to see "purposely" used when "intentionally" sounds so much better.) Then the commenter tears into the content of academic blogs:

"I know, let's burn five minutes catching up on how you sipped boxed wine and tweaked your PowerPoint presentation over the weekend or how the proles in duplicating reversed pages three and four on your course syllabus. 'Oh, lookie here! I found my favorite pen, maybe I can get back to work on that darn dissertation ... maybe I'll just post another picture of my 18-year-old cat, Mr. Scabies.' "

I don't sip boxed wine or use PowerPoint or rely on proles to do my duplicating and I'm not planning to do another dissertation anytime soon, so I guess the only way I can fulfill my function as an academic blogger is to obtain an 18-year-old cat named Mr. Scabies. Where do I begin?


JM said...

I don't read RYS for the same reason I don't look at RMP ratings -- they both damage my calm.

Do post pictures of Mr. Scabies when you pick him up. :)

Laura said...

I suggest you try the Humane Society. The no-kill one in the county north and across the river is having a hard time. :-)

I also have one you can rent if you like.

Joy said...

I think you already have your own Mr. Scabies filling up your time - although given his chosen plantlife, Mr. Moses may be a better name!

And isn't boxed wine what the STUDENTS drink? Are they still calling Robitussin wine these days? :)