Monday, June 26, 2017

Just how boring is my summer?

I'm sitting on my back deck on a sunny morning, watching the bluejays get all bossy up in the tulip poplar while hummingbirds whizz past my ears, and over toward the neighbors' property I hear the sound of distance weed-whackers. After weeks of persistent wet, it's time to take advantage of the sunshine and bring some order to the green stuff that has been thriving amidst all this rain.

I went out early to trim the tall weeds along the driveway and then pulled a few weeds amongst the eggplants in our garden--but just a few, because weed-whacking on hills wears me out and some parts of the garden are still too wet for walking on. Right now our garden looks like waves of green weeds broken occasionally by tomato plants or corn stalks, but we have a warm, dry week ahead so we ought to be able to beat the weeds into submission soon.

And once the local rivers go down below flood stage, maybe we'll even get the canoe out, finally. Here we are halfway through the summer without having done any canoeing, but we've been hampered by weather, work commitments, conferences, and travel. Now it's time to settle down into a good summer routine of weeding, weed-whacking, writing, and canoeing, which ought to work just fine as long as the sunshine stays with us.

Boring? Yes, but soothingly so.


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